11 June 2010

In the beginning..

there was this handsome, young man named Michael. He was the sweetest man any girl had ever met. Luckily for this girl, his eyes were only for her. After many, many years, the handsome, young man sought God with all of his heart and asked this girl for her hand in marriage. The day was May 10, 2010, exactly a year since they had vowed to be friends forever, later pledging their love and commitment. Come November 27, 2010, they will do just that although for eternity. 

Don't forget to..  :)

God's blessings on this new adventure that awaits for all of you out there reading this. 
Keep dreaming, for in time, they shall all come true..

xoxo, krissy

But if we hope for what is still unseen by us, we wait for it with patience and composure. Romans 8:25

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  1. Great photo, we are all so happy for you both. We can't wait until November to watch as the two of you are married!